4 Reasons to Get Your Toyota Repair at a Toyota Dealer

Maybe you got into an accident, or maybe your car just isn’t running like it used to. If you need a Toyota repair, you can either visit an official Toyota dealer, or you can go to an independent mechanic. Here’s why visiting your dealership is the best call you can make.

1. Getting Repairs at a Dealer Is More Convenient

You rely on your car to get around, which is why getting fast, efficient service when it needs repairs is important. Unfortunately, visiting an independent mechanic or corner garage often means waiting at least a day or two while the repair takes place. You can expect to wait even longer if your car needs a specific part the mechanics need to order in!

If you go straight to your dealership, they’ll most likely have all the parts and tools they need already on-hand. Plus, most minor repairs will only take an hour or two, so you can get back to your life faster.

2. The Mechanics Are Experts

Yes, most independent mechanics know the basics of how your car works and can perform simple repairs. But what if your car needs something a little more specialized?

In that case, you’re going to want to go to your dealer. The mechanics at dealerships often have years, sometimes even decades under their belts of working with this specific brand of car. That means that no matter what repairs your car needs, the staff at the dealer will know exactly what they’re doing.

3. Your Dealer Has Warranties

It’s not very often that private mechanics will offer warranties on their work, most of the time because they simply can’t afford them. Dealers, however, are proud of the services and products they provide, and so will offer you warranties on their work. That means that if by chance something goes wrong with your repair, your warranty will make sure that your car still gets what it needs.

If you bought your car from your dealer recently and it’s still under warranty, then most repairs will be done for you for free!

4. Your Dealer Uses OEM Parts

OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, parts are industry-standard parts that are the same parts your car came with. Your dealer will use OEM parts for all the repairs for your car. That’s a good thing because they’re the same parts your car came with, so you know that you can trust the quality.

That’s not always true for independent mechanics. Many of them don’t use OEM parts and instead use aftermarket parts. These are parts that don’t come from the original manufacturer, and the quality can vary greatly. If you want quality you can count on, you’ll want to go to your dealer.

All cars will need repairs eventually. If it’s time to bring your car in for a repair, you’ll want to take care to bring it to the right place. Your dealership is staffed with experts who know exactly how to treat your car. Visit Premier Toyota of Amherst and know your car is in good hands.


4 Reasons to Get Your Toyota Repair at a Toyota Dealer - Premier Toyota of Amherst

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